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F1 2004 Belgian GP.
This is the page of my blog where I showcase some of my creative work in my earliest days of being a blogger. All of these posts were published within the first two years of starting The F1 Racing Grid.

Could Stirling Moss or Jim Clark drive today’s F1 cars with their style of driving?

If Stirling Moss or Jim Clark would have been born on a date, young enough to be a racing driver today and use their talents to drive today’s F1 cars, could they win championships…

Jim Clark.

Could teams be successful as they are without their genius?

Would Red-Bull Racing have the same success without their genius aerodynamic designer, Adrian Newey…

Adrian Newey.

The differences between the old and new circuits

In this post, I’m going to show you a photo of both old and new circuits with captions underneath and my opinion on each of them…

Hockenheim circuit.

Unfulfilled talents in F1

The drivers who got less than they deserved…

Giles Villeneuve.

Top 5 essential presents for drivers & commentators

Romain Grosjean- Some lessons on how to complete a first lap without crashing on the start line…

Romain Grosjean.

Old vs Modern F1

Over the years the nature, the appeal and the safety of F1 has changed dramatically. If you look back at this sport in its early days, you wouldn’t recognise that it’s the same thing…

Ferrari 1950s f1 car.

Top 10 seasons of all time

There were many amazing seasons of very competitive racing in f1, but only 10 stand out the most. 10 that are special in different ways…

F1 1982 Monaco GP.

New Year Special!

Happy New Year to EVERYONE! The New Year will become a whole lot better when you’ve read the BIGGEST and BEST post I’ve ever done…

F1 2012 Malaysian GP.

Should the racing world bring back Race Of Champions?

Well I think that the officials need to consider bringing back the ‘Race Of Champions’. It was a competition that occurred in the late 70s to the mid 80s…

F1 2012 Australian GP.

James Hunt’s top 5 quotes about backmarkers

Here are some of James Hunt’s famous quotes, criticising backmarkers on the standard of their driving when he was in the commentary box…

James Hunt.

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