A Review of the Brazilian GP by Pedro Cunha

We must wait until the Abu Dhabi GP to know who´s going to be the next F1 Champion.

The Brazilian GP was probably the weirdest of the current season:
The start was delayed 10 minutes (after Grosjean´s crash during the installation lap) and the conclusion occurred more than 3 hours after the start.
Dreadful weather (rain and wind) conditioned the race, which was interrupted twice and had the Safety Car several times on the track.


The race started with the Safety Car on the track, which left on lap 7, returned on lap 13 after Ericsson´s accident, left on lap 19 to be deployed the next lap after Räikkönen´s crash just before the red flag came out.

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After a long stop, the race was resumed with the Safety Car on the track, to be stopped again on lap 28. Another long interruption and the race resumed, again with the presence of the Safety Car. The Safety Car made its last appearance (lap 48) after Massa`s accident.

6 dropouts (Grosjean, Ericsson, Räikkönen, Palmer, Massa and Gutierrez) as Mercedes achieved their 7th “one-two” of the current season (3 in a row) with Hamilton in 1st and Rosberg in 2nd.

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Verstappen was 3rd (Ricciardo was 8th). Another good weekend for Force India (Perez was 4th and Hülkenberg 7th). Vettel was 5th, Sainz 6th, Nasr 9th (his first points of the season and also for Sauber) with Alonso being 10th.

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Hamilton will win the championship in Abu Dhabi if:

1. He wins and Rosberg finishes in 4th or worse.
2. He finishes in 2nd and Rosberg finishes in 7th or worse.
3. He finishes in 3rd and Rosberg finishes in 9th or worse.
4. He finishes in 4th and Rosberg finishes in 11th or worse.

All other scenarios will allow Rosberg to become the new Champion.

Current top five standings:

Teams: Mercedes 722, Red Bull 446, Ferrari 375, Force India 163, Williams 136

Drivers: Rosberg 367, Hamilton 355, Ricciardo 246, Vettel 197, Verstappen 192

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