A Review of the Mexican GP by Pedro Cunha


Pole and victory for Hamilton in Mexico.


The race started with some incidents: Sainz and Alonso (Sainz was penalised 5 seconds for forcing his compatriot off the road), Rosberg and Verstappen and also Ericsson and Wehrlein, forcing the withdrawal of the German driver (the only one that did not finish ) and the appearance of the Safety Car.


Many struggles during the race with the best ones involving Rosberg and Verstappen, then Verstappen and Vettel, and finally Vettel and Ricciardo.


On track, Verstappen was 3rd, Vettel 4th, and Ricciardo 5th, but the aftermath was quite different:

First, Verstappen got a 5-second penalty for gaining an advantage off-track when battling with Vettel, so Vettel came 3rd, Ricciardo 4th, and Verstappen 5th; but that wasn´t all: later, Vettel was given a 10-second penalty for driving “dangerously or erratically”, so Ricciardo was now in 3rd position, Verstappen in 4th and Vettel in 5th.


Vettel and the Red Bull drivers exchanged several accusations after the race.

Räikkönen, in his race No 250, came 6th, while Force India added 7 more points (Hülkenberg was 7th and Pérez 10th), as Williams added 6 more points (Bottas was 8th and Massa 9th).


With 2 races to go, the Mercedes drivers are separated by 19 points

Rosberg will be champion within two weeks in Brazil if:

1. He wins

2. He finishes in 2nd and Hamilton finishes in 5th or worse

3. He finishes in 3rd and Hamilton finishes in 6th or worse

4. He finishes in 4th and Hamilton finishes in 8th or worse

5. He finishes in 5th and Hamilton finishes in 9th or worse

6. He finishes in 6th and Hamilton finishes in 10th or worse

Current Standings:

Drivers: Rosberg 349, Hamilton 330, Ricciardo 242, Vettel 187, Raikkonen 178

Teams: Mercedes 679, Red Bull 427, Ferrari 365, Force India 147, Williams 136

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