1989 Brazilian Grand Prix

Welcome to the reviews page! Here, I will provide you with links to different tributes of legendary drivers like Juan Manual Fangio, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. The content of the reviews will also consist of classic cars, classic tracks and classic races. I came up with the idea as I want to reinvent the image of my blog – day-in-day-out I always look for new ways to make my blog appear better and more enjoyable to you guys. Plus, I have the knowledge to cover the days when F1 was a daredevil sport to the days when F1 has become an enormously technological sport. These are some of the cars I will be reviewing in a style similar to Top Gear… I hope.

The Drivers

This is the section of my blog I will be providing you with tributes of drivers who left a legacy within the sport…

Ayrton Senna.

The Cars

Enjoy reading car reviews? Well then this is the right place to be as I go from reviewing the greatest machines ever made to the ugliest of them all…

McLaren MP4/4.

The Tracks

I will give my opinions on some of the most demanding tracks that a human body never mind a racing driver will face…

Eau Rouge.

The Races

F1 has had its fair share of classic races from the lights out at the 1950 British Grand Prix to the chequered flag of the Grands Prix in the 2014 season…

F1 1971 Italian GP.